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Attorney Gregory A. Thompson


Gregory A. Thompson - Attorney at Law




​Attorney Gregory A. Thompson has been practicing in many areas of the law since 1974. Starting as a Public Defender in Ohio and Chicago, he then worked many years as a Staff Attorney, Managing Attorney, and then Regional Partner for a nationally known legal services provider. He was also House Counsel for the Connecticut office of a national insurance company.

​In 1991, he opened his own firm, Thompson Legal Services, and has since represented in excess of 7000 clients in the following areas of law: DUI / DWI defense, criminal defense, motor vehicle violations, license suspensions and personal injury claims. Attorney Thompson defends DUI / DWI cases regularly at administrative hearings at the Department of Motor Vehicles, and also defends the criminal aspect of DUI / DWI arrests, along with other criminal charges or motor vehicle matters, at any Superior Court in the State of Connecticut.

Attorney Thompson has spent much of his professional career helping "the little guy" with his or her DUI / DWI, criminal, motor vehicle and personal injury cases. He and his staff takes pride in the level of service given to each client. You can be assured of personal attention and prompt assistance through every step of the legal process.

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